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School Community Councils are advisory bodies charged with the responsibility of enhancing supports for learning at the school.  The support for learning focus is aligned with the Board and the Ministry of Education.  School Community Councils receive their authority through provincial legislation and Board policy. This empowers parents and communities with meaningful ways to become engaged in matters related to public education.  In their advisory capacity, the SCC accept a shared responsibility for learning success and well-being of all children and youth, while encouraging and facilitating parent, parish, and community engagement.

The SCC is a dedicated group of parents, school staff, administration, and community that meet monthly during the school year to share ideas and information about St. Michael School.  Individual committees may meet on their own to ensure they are meeting any goals that have been set out at the beginning of the school year. The SCC discusses and collaboratively makes decisions that may affect fundraising, safety, student activities, student achievement, and school improvement. 

SCC Minutes

 Sep 23, 2020

 Oct 28, 2020


School Community Council 2019-2020


Chair - Megan Cascagnette 

Vice-Chair - Allyson Vanroon 

Secretary/Treasurer  - Melissa Swayze

Twyla Molnar

Melissa Bocian

Laura Frost

Jen Matyjanka

Nicole Garling

Deanna Schwindt - Teacher Representative 

School Community Council Activity

SCC Projects

The St. Michael School Community Council is very active within our school. In the past, we have been involved in the betterment of the school yard and grounds, technological advancement in the classrooms, hot lunch program, and fundraising. We look forward to continuing to bring events that build morale and belonging within the St. Michael School community. We are constantly working towards making St. Michael School a great place to be and have several goals to continue this in the future. 

 Our SCC provides funds for special projects and annual events. Some of our special projects include Chromebook mobile labs, sound fields, SMART Boards, chair racks, products for school clubs, and learning aids. Our annual contributions have an impact on our students throughout each school year. These include sacrament gifts, grade nine medallions, school awards, donations to school trips, outdoor play equipment, music festival awards, and our hot lunch program. We also show our appreciation for our staff through a Staff Appreciation Lunch. 

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